Musiq (Georgia) on my mind….A life time Story

Life goes as a Slow Dance Move
As Everybody Knows, Hard Time comes really smooth
We are all Ordinary People, and Heaven, Love & Happiness are not promise
John can be a Legend
But the Musiq is still  flowing out of my Soulchild
And Yes Indeed, I Used to Love You
when U Got It Bad as in 87……01
U do Remind Me other… No , No, in fact Only You Can Love Me This Way
then a logical end would have been to say that  Aijuswanaseing that I love U
How Half Crazy these things can be making people going from the Smooth Criminal to the Moonwalker
Finding this Girl Next the Door, went from a Just Friends to a You and Me
Then Fallin’….. Unfortunately ain’t no easy love nor easy way to love
Ain’t no more Sunshine since you’re Gone
How difficult will it be for the Boy II become the Man
Wishing if he Could have Turned Back the Hands of Time
To feel once again, one last time this Kiss from a Rose
But less fortunate, ended lonely and On the Road Again.
We all Need an Angel, this strength to fight and this thirst to go ahead to get better
Thus with all the love we have for our Mama
I  want to Thank all Mamas for the 9 month they carried us Through
having Making us Believers
The closest we are from Losing our Religion, our Faith
Evans If definitely I need an Angel or at least 5 Jacksons to say I Want U Back
Then still Believe in you & with you Standing by Me.
No matter Who is up, who is down, who is right , who is wrong,
who is good or simply Bad
Life ,bitter sweet melody
Each of us can play like a Spanish Guitar
Each chords melting you with  the sky,
Tempted to Touch the cloud,
Then Turning us On for a Dancing with the star.

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