“The sum of Her Part” hearing transcription from Dwayne Morgan

As Men,
Many of us tend not to see
Women as complete human beeings
so instead we,
break them down into parts
Using Barbie dolls Images
To determine who and What Women really are
And we’ve gone so far that we’ve made
Some Women hate themselves
Dark skin’s still their right
There are of some stores show
To make dark skin light
For the closer its get to white
The greater their chance that she might get a blight
And instead of fix it in her skin color
She can worried on her couple size
Because as men
We have some Women
Staring at their chest
Not Satisfy with the size of their breast
Taking magazine to their own hands
Resulting to surgical implant
Watching as their couple size grows
Young children have been born fed on
Hormones leaden with silicon
In our message we condemn us
Being empty women
But as men
we don’t love women .
we just love some parts of women
But the sum of her part is her essence
Age involve wisdom as a blessing
But some woman don’t want age ,
wishing that they could be 25 for the rest of their days
Going on with an knife
allowing surgeon to stretch their face
Cutting the years and the ripen away
Not recognize in the beauty of the age
Or ageless beauty
because she has been broken down into part
having her worth time to sum of her part
But some of her part is her beauty
AS men continue to compartmentalize her
to fit size and Booty
Cause you know it is her beauty
To find a Woman with a nicest ass
and to compensate for those who don’t have
Store are now selling underwear with pant
But those who too much are
Taking fat from their ass
And putting it in their lips
And we wonder why some woman
speak so much Shit
Doing just about anything
To be shaped like an hour glass
Skinny girls have eating disorders
Because they think they’re fat
While Big girl go on diet
Trying to look like that
And when appearance goes
woman have gone mad
Try to give up to this standard
we as men set but could never pass
So she tried to pass
By introducing him to her soul
But he saw and thought is
that her soul is just a hall
So he know her for her Hole
and he thinks she just a hoe
He forget about her soul
and jugged her by her hole
But as men we need to love her as a ALL
Love her how hardidly
We must love she who hold the mystery to carry We to life
We must love her not by our standard
But By god Standard of Perfection
She deserving of Love respect and affection
As his, God made no mistakes
When he created their kids
So recognize that every Woman is a Star
Who need to be loved
For who she is
And for the sum of all her parts
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