Everyday Males / E-Males

She was on a search,
But wherever she looked,
All she could find
Were men with no-game
Who were having trouble getting online
This state of affairs perplexed her mind
But she kept trying to no avail
Until one day she met a guy
Who she thought was one of those hot males
Quick to pull out his yahoo and then sprint
He sent her composed lines
That made her re-think her reservations.
She proceeded with hesitation
And no matter how often they talked
She still wondered how many other names were in his inbox
She tried all sort of mind games just to try to catch him
But she still felt as though he wasn’t coming clean
About all of his attachments.
She watched his actions and reactions closely,
To see if anything was awry.
The first thing that struck her mind
Was that he always needed to escape to navigate her,
But she didn’t know what he was escaping from
He loved how her body was micro and soft,
And he tried desperately to get in her explore her.
She was confused,
Because while he was acting like mister right,
It seemed as though his mind was consumed
With downloading corrupted files into her system.
He wanted to give her a hard drive,
But she left him with his disk floppy, because she didn’t want to be a victim
Of his physical game that was lacking affection,
Besides, she thought that his server was small,
And didn’t have the bandwidth to maintain the connection.
The experience might have been good,
But she didn’t want him to leave her with viruses
That couldn’t be detected by McAffe or Norton,
Which would lead to the spontaneous abortion
Of files from her mind, leaving her damaged.
Ladies, if you come across one of these e-males,
The best way to manage is just to log off,
Or always remember,
To make sure that he wears a condom,
So that you can always block sender.


Author and contact pages ==> http://www.upfromtheroots.ca/
on Myspace http://www.myspace.com/dwaynemorgan
on Modelmayhem http://www.modelmayhem.com/dwaynemorgan
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