When Nothing Else Matters

When Nothing Else Matters

It was like being struck by a sudden stroke,
And I was stuck in place,
Watching as she approached
With a scalpel in her outstretched hand,
Carving a line through
The scar tissue heart
That protected the love equation
Made by our initials.
She was slow and precise
With how she sliced
Through my skin.
The pain was nothing compared
To the hurt,
Squatting in my heart’s muscle tissue
As though it belonged there.
I should have seen her coming;
Maybe I did;
Maybe love truly is blind,
And I was stranded in no mans land,
Lost in an abyss.
This distance between us was foreign,
And I had no guide dog,
Leading the way to what I should expect.
My intuition confirmed,
What my mind already knew,
But my heart refused to let me accept.
I never dreamt that she would leave so soon.
If I knew,
I would have time shifted our lives,
Keeping our relationship’s demise,
At least a time zone away.
They say that real men don’t cry,
And I had nothing more to prove,
As my eyes cried rivers of blood,
From ducts that flooded,
When they realized
That my world was shattering,
And the tsunami warnings,
Were now my reality,
As waves of emotions washed over me,
Shaking my foundation like sand castles
In the evening tide.
She was my homie,
My lover,
And my friend,
And I’d do anything to have her back with me again,
To feel the warmth of her body,
Every time her arms wrapped around me;
To feel the passion every time we kissed;
To marvel at how beautiful she was
Every time a smile would come to her lips;
To remember the bliss and intensity of our love making
Even if just for one more night.
We made nights feel like heaven,
But this is hurting like hell,
And there’s no drug
That I can take
To ease the pain,
So I just stand there,
As she breaks my ribs,
Stealing my heart in plain sight,
But it’s ok,
Because I don’t need it any more;
It beat for her,
So she might as well keep it
As a souvenir of what was,
Of what we shared,
Because sometimes,
Love just isn’t enough;
Even when you’ve done as much as you can,
Sometimes circumstance
Still stands in the way of your best efforts
And desires,
So I stand there broken,
As an empty shell of a man,
Watching as she walks out of my life,
With my heart in her palm,
And my blood,
still dripping from her hands.


Author and contact pages ==> http://www.upfromtheroots.ca/
on Myspace http://www.myspace.com/dwaynemorgan
on Modelmayhem http://www.modelmayhem.com/dwaynemorgan
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